Apparel VS Non-Apparel Industry

textilThe textile is still a huge market because it can be widely used and is much needed in daily life.

Speaking of this, many only relate textile industry with the apparel business. It’s most commonly seen in the clothing we put on ourselves. Cotton price dropped below 60 cents this year due to a large export amount and overstock in China. The apparel industry saturation has led to an excessive inventory. This also indicates that consumers are choosing to spend their allowance on other things. In an recent report from Morgan Stanley, apparel expenditure took up to 7 percent in 1972 and has dropped to 3 percent in 2013.

The apparel industry focuses on custom-made styles and sizes and what technology it could be applied to this craft art, known as the wearable. You can buy t-shirts everywhere, from Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, or Nordstrom. But a t-shirt that is tailored to you must be custom made. It’s unique. With the variety of materials, clothing are no longer only knitted. It could be printed out by 3D printers.

The globalization makes trade so much more easily and cheaper. It creates more job in developing countries, in which is strengthening their consuming power. Once they have a surplus in expenditure, they can afford other things besides necessity, such as food and basic clothing.

A new study supports its idea that non-apparel textile (including sheets, towels, rugs, carpets, rope and twine) mills and manufacturing industry in the US will reach $35.6 billion by 2021. If you look at these products closely, they are all tightly related to the service industry, which is a larger part of a developed state’s economy. Therefore, as a member in the textile manufacturing hub, we’ve realized the importance of producing the wanted products instead of the popular ones and have learned the lesson.



New Fabric: Future Fabric Material

3D Plastic Fabric

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) recently acquire a plastic garment, printed by a 3D printer, CNN reported.

3D printers are industrializing the manufacture industry in the 21st century by introducing a new producing material and procedures. The making of this plastic dress overturned the tradition of clothing materials. Your dress and shirt no long need to be knitted or sewed but printed.

Scented Fabric


Smart textile can adapt and learn like we humans do. In this case, “the scent called Aqua Alba has been designed to replicate aromas released from a glass of whisky, known as the nose of the liquid,” reported by BBC.

This is huge potential for the textile industry if a custom scent can be absorbed into the product. It can smell like whiskey today and probably raspberries tomorrow.


Life-saving Fabric

Different materials will be added into the knitting process for different purposes. In this case, it will be the smart device that can report to the ones can save your life.

This technological breakthrough, described in a recent article in the scientific journal Sensors, clears a path for a host of new developments for people suffering from chronic diseases, elderly people living alone, and even firemen and police officers.

Reported by

smart scarf


5 Questions for Buying Fabric Internationally


As a manufacturer, Seehon gets a lot of more-or-less the same questions daily from different buyers. We want to summarize for you and help you better and faster determine if this is the company you want to buy from, or establish a long-term partnership with.

The main two sites for you to find various suppliers.

  1. Alibaba (
  2. eBay (
  3. 1688 (
    This is a good site to find in-stock items for a good price from China

Question 1. Manufacturer, Retailer, or Trading company

This is the price determinator. However, it really depends on what you are looking for and how much you are ordering.

If you are looking to place a BIG order, you will find manufacturers more helpful and professional since they can provide quality control at the production process. With the capability to produce custom design, manufacturers can give you more options based on your budget.

Retailers are good ones to shop smaller quantity. You will find plenty of options from them with a relatively acceptable price.

Trading companies are good ones if you don’t want to deal with the negotiation. However, their price will be probably higher than the market price since they have to charge you for the services fee. Well, that’s their profit.

Question 2. Free sample (or not)

Free samples are very rare. But if you are looking to place a big order with this company, you can have them remove the charge for the samples.

Well, let’s suppose that the company agrees to give you a free sample. You will have to pay for the shipping. Either way, there’s no free lunch right?

Question 3. Test Order

Tester order is only good for a BIG orders. Otherwise, you may as well pay for a meter sample before place any order. Sometimes, it’s worth it. This way, you get to see and feel the quality before it’s too late.

Length reference: 1 Meter = 39.37 Inch =1.09 Yard = 3.28 Foot

Question 4. Shipping

Fedex and UPS is always good ones. But it could be pricy. When you ask for quotations, you need to ask for the best price for you, whether it’s FOB or CIF. Shipping is usually via ships for big orders. If not, you may end up paying more than you should. Get the quotation right will give you a good start.

 Question 5. Can you do any better?

It never hurts to ask if they can lower the price. This is the part of negotiation that takes place. You can have so much fun here and get a very deal. But remember, you get what you pay for. It depends if you are on a tight budget or prefer quality over costs.

Our last word for you is that you should always compare prices from different sources.

25 Best Places to Shop Fabric

fabric shop

Feeling a little artsy in the holiday season? Or looking for fabric for your own DIY project?

I came along this blog post, 25 Best Places to Shop for Home Decor Fabric Online, which not only summarize the fabric market place but also tips for searching for ideas and methods of making.

Ideas Market Place:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Google, any types of search engine

The best 25 retail places to shop fabric is listed below:

  2. Online Fabric Store
  3. Hawthorne Threads
  4. Tonic Living
  5. Inside Fabric
  6. Fabric Worm
  8. Decorator’s Best
  9. Warehouse Fabrics
  10. Serena & Lily
  11. Layla Grace
  12. Ballard Designs
  13. John Robshaw
  14. Caitlin Wilson Textiles
  15. Calico Corners
  16. House Fabric
  17. Lewis & Sheron
  18. Low Price Fabric
  19. Fabric Guru
  20. Marimekko
  21. Ebay
  22. Spoonflower
  23. Joann
  24. Hancock Fabrics
  25. Etsy

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3 Easy Holiday Decorations

Holiday is coming. If you are looking to add some new decoration in the house, please continue reading this post. Fabric in your home is everything, not just your blankets, clothes, curtains, or tablecloths.

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts or dresses yet. They can help you refresh your house as new decorations.

1. Custom letters or message decorations

Decor Letters


2. A rag banner for your awesome holiday party!

Don’t mix too many colors together. It’s better to mix different shades of the same color or same hue of different colors than mixing 10 different colors on a rag banner.

Choose colors based on the theme of your party. For example, red and green are great for your Christmas party.

PicMonkey-Collage1b PicMonkey-Collage11


Photo credit to Home.Made.Interest

3. Add some new elements on to your pillow case

Print it out on paper, outline it on the fabric, cut it out, and finally sew it on your pillow case.

DIY-Polar-Bear-Pillow-Cover-1 DIY-Polar-Bear-Pillow-Cover-finalphoto credit: Love Grows Wild

Happy Holiday!



Turtleneck Comeback

Turtleneck is never out of the fashion trend, especially when it comes to the season of fall and winter.

Known as the “Turtleneck” in the US & Canada, it is also referred to as a “Polo Neck” or “Roll Neck” in the United Kingdom and a “Skivvy” in Australia. The name “Turtleneck” refers to the high collar that “envelopes the neck”. The “Turtleneck” with its long collar that can be elongated or drawn back, emulates the “turtle’s neck” and thus it obtained its name. The collar is typically close fittingand long enough to be folded down over itself creating a double layer of warmth and style on those it bedecks.

The Iconic Black Turtleneck

The iconic turtlenecks are more often worn in movies that you thought.

Here is the evidence.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Lebrun film 'The Walk' in Montreal The Walk (2015)

The walk the movie

 The Walk (2015)

Traditional looking turtle neck jersey can be made out of any jersey fabric, single jersey, double jersey, 1X1 ribs lycra.


Anchorman 2 (2013)

For the winter style, turtleneck are usually in the form of sweater via different yarns of various materials, fur, wool, cotton, etc.

Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

For fashion purposes, you will find a mix types of fabric connected together to highlight the design, model’s figure, or even a character’s role in the movie.

Cotton price hits new low since 2009

Cotton price has dropped below 60 cents, lowest since 2009. If the price drop continued, cotton farmers will certainly seek other alternatives. Evelyn Nguleka, the head of the farmers union in the southern African country, said that dramatic fall in incomes has made farmers’ life “increasingly difficult,” according to the Financial Times.

As many may know, one of the reasons for the price drop is a result of the excessive stock in main export countries, a.k.a. China. China reportedly holds 60 percent of the current global cotton inventories. China’s pushing this stock cotton to the market at a lower price forces the market price to be lowered to be competitive.

Some industry experts say that the price won’t recover until the cotton stockpile runs down, in additional to cutting the global production, according to the Financial Times.

Source: Financial Time_ Cotton farmers hit hard as prices drop to lowest since 2009