Turtleneck Comeback

Turtleneck is never out of the fashion trend, especially when it comes to the season of fall and winter.

Known as the “Turtleneck” in the US & Canada, it is also referred to as a “Polo Neck” or “Roll Neck” in the United Kingdom and a “Skivvy” in Australia. The name “Turtleneck” refers to the high collar that “envelopes the neck”. The “Turtleneck” with its long collar that can be elongated or drawn back, emulates the “turtle’s neck” and thus it obtained its name. The collar is typically close fittingand long enough to be folded down over itself creating a double layer of warmth and style on those it bedecks.

The Iconic Black Turtleneck

The iconic turtlenecks are more often worn in movies that you thought.

Here is the evidence.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Lebrun film 'The Walk' in Montreal The Walk (2015)

The walk the movie

 The Walk (2015)

Traditional looking turtle neck jersey can be made out of any jersey fabric, single jersey, double jersey, 1X1 ribs lycra.


Anchorman 2 (2013)

For the winter style, turtleneck are usually in the form of sweater via different yarns of various materials, fur, wool, cotton, etc.

Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

For fashion purposes, you will find a mix types of fabric connected together to highlight the design, model’s figure, or even a character’s role in the movie.


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