3 Easy Holiday Decorations

Holiday is coming. If you are looking to add some new decoration in the house, please continue reading this post. Fabric in your home is everything, not just your blankets, clothes, curtains, or tablecloths.

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts or dresses yet. They can help you refresh your house as new decorations.

1. Custom letters or message decorations

Decor Letters


2. A rag banner for your awesome holiday party!

Don’t mix too many colors together. It’s better to mix different shades of the same color or same hue of different colors than mixing 10 different colors on a rag banner.

Choose colors based on the theme of your party. For example, red and green are great for your Christmas party.

PicMonkey-Collage1b PicMonkey-Collage11


Photo credit to Home.Made.Interest

3. Add some new elements on to your pillow case

Print it out on paper, outline it on the fabric, cut it out, and finally sew it on your pillow case.

DIY-Polar-Bear-Pillow-Cover-1 DIY-Polar-Bear-Pillow-Cover-finalphoto credit: Love Grows Wild

Happy Holiday!




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