25 Best Places to Shop Fabric

fabric shop

Feeling a little artsy in the holiday season? Or looking for fabric for your own DIY project?

I came along this blog post, 25 Best Places to Shop for Home Decor Fabric Online, which not only summarize the fabric market place but also tips for searching for ideas and methods of making.

Ideas Market Place:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Google, any types of search engine

The best 25 retail places to shop fabric is listed below:

  1. Fabric.com
  2. Online Fabric Store
  3. Hawthorne Threads
  4. Tonic Living
  5. Inside Fabric
  6. Fabric Worm
  7. TwentyOne7.com
  8. Decorator’s Best
  9. Warehouse Fabrics
  10. Serena & Lily
  11. Layla Grace
  12. Ballard Designs
  13. John Robshaw
  14. Caitlin Wilson Textiles
  15. Calico Corners
  16. House Fabric
  17. Lewis & Sheron
  18. Low Price Fabric
  19. Fabric Guru
  20. Marimekko
  21. Ebay
  22. Spoonflower
  23. Joann
  24. Hancock Fabrics
  25. Etsy

Credit to View Along The Way


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